We purchase and sale cereal crops on the world market.



We process over 1,000 trading transactions a year. We sell the most liquid products on the grain market: wheat, barley, maize, soy, and peas..

The company has huge plans and capacities, it stays strong in the pursuit of its goals, keeps developing in the new areas, and it is always open to cooperation. We value reliable suppliers and see the new market prospects.

Sales statistics

Sales volumes in the 2016-2017 season

Totally supplied in season 2016-2017: 795 thousand tons

Sales volumes in the 2017-2018 season

Totally supplied in season 2017-2018: 936 thousand tons
20% increase in sales compared to the previous season

Flawless reputation in contract performance

We comply with all contractual obligations. Learn more about the way we work.

Additional services


Logistics is one of the company activities. Our partners’ infrastructure includes automotive operators, customs brokers, and marine and river terminal elevators, specialized branches.

Mutually beneficial and permanent business relations prove the safety and commitment of the company and declare its potential.


Analytics is the basis and the foundation of our company. The company's success depends largely on forecasts and market analysis.

We offer analytics services to some of our partners and may guarantee the quality of data.