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Wheat – II, III class

Wheat is one of the major crops in the world cereal trade. Thanks to its popularity in the food industry, diets of millions of people worldwide include wheat.

Ukraine is the last one in the TOP 10 wheat-producing countries, while China is at the top of this list. It also includes the following countries: India, Russia, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, and Australia.

Wheat crops are grown in accordance to State standards and shall be healthy, clean, and free of foreign smells or any smells indicating its spoiling, it shall not contain any chemical or toxic substances, residues of pesticides or other contaminants, which may affect health.


Barley is one of the favorite crops for farmers because of the short period of its ripeness; in addition, it is less picky when it comes to cultivating than other cereals. Depending on its quality, barley grain is divided into four classes: prime, the first, the second, and the third class. Uniform requirements for humidity are set for all classes: it must not exceed 15.5% during transportation by railway transport or 14.0% during transportation by sea.

Ukraine, France, Germany, Australia, and Canada are among its major producers. Saudi Arabia, China, and Japan are its largest consumers.

Barley is the basic ingredient in brewing and alcohol production. Usually, barley with a low content of fusel oils is preferred. Yellow or light yellow barley with a pleasant smell is considered to be of high quality.



Maize is a favorite cereal crop in terms of the number of tons produced. People have been cultivating maize for 10,000 years now. North America is considered to be its birthplace. The United States and China produce 60% of its world production. Ukraine produces maize at the same level as Brazil does.

Maize is mostly used as a basis for domestic animal feed, raw produce for cereals, flour, starch, oil, and bioethanol.

It is also widely used in American cuisine. Thanks to it, the whole world knows about popcorn (or corn balls) — grains of maize, torn from inside by the pressure of vapor during heating, and corn-dog — a deep fried sausage covered with corn dough.

Feed Wheat

Feed Wheat is a 5 th or 6 th class wheat with a low protein content and humidity of the grain. These properties make it a good candidate for feed cereals, as increased dryness allows longer storage of the product.

Formulated feed manufactured using feed wheat provide significant and rapid growth increase and the development of body weight.



Soyis a name of a plant from the family of Fabaceae. Soy is considered one of the oldest plants cultivated by the humankind. Countries of the Southeast Asia, where it has been grown for over five thousand years, are home to this plant. Currently, soy is widely spread — the range of areas where you may encounter soy lies between 60° of northern and southern latitude. It is cultivated on all continents, in over 70 countries of the world, except Antarctica.

The USA, Brazil, Argentina, and China are its largest producers. Chine is the major importer of soybeans.

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Pea beans are consumed boiled, and green peas may be consumed raw and used to manufacture canned products. In addition, combined with other crops, peas are used for silage and green fodder.

Canada has been keeping leading positions in global pea production and export for many years now. Today, Canada accounts for about 20% of the world production, and over 50% of the world export of this crop.

Ukraine is planning to be among top three world pea producers.



Rapeis an annual herbaceous plant from the family of Brassicaceae with a vertical root thickened at the top, straight grayish-green culm and pediculate alternate leaves.

Its main producers are China, India, Canada, and the European Union. To date, Canada is the world's largest exporter.

The development of biodiesel fuel caused a significant increase in the production of rapeseed oil. Along with the use of this oil energy, there is a growing interest in the use of rape as fodder, which is now observed in China.