About us

Cardiff Commodities is an international grain trading company.

Cardiff Commodities is an international trading company. Our activities ensure efficient grain purchase and sales transactions at favorable terms.

Price risks hedging

We were one of the first to start using SWAP contracts based on Platts and Thomson Reuters Indices. We are registered for SWOT trading.

Transparency of company activities

The company is always ready to share new trading instruments and implement them in the market.

Working by the standards

We maintain documentation related to GAFTA and FOSFA standards. Our contracts are always balanced and thought through.

Successful wholesale purchases

Thanks to a team of specialists, our suppliers remain satisfied with the recommended price and speed of traders’ actions.

Always favorable terms

In trade operations, the company applies SWOT exchange hedging, which establishes conditions for the customers to apply trade instruments linked to an exchange.


The company is trading at different bases in accordance with Incoterms (CPT, FOB, DAP), as well as in various logistics areas.


Our traders are always ready to share their vision of the market, impact factors, and possible price developments, as well as a recurrent analytical support using reports.


Deadline management of grain delivery and scrupulous compliance with agreements terms.


A constant market presence with reasonable prices.


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Cardiff Commodities SA Gafta membership certificate_01

GAFTA Entry Certificate.

Since the 7th of December 2018 Cardiff Commodities SA – member of GAFTA.

GAFTA – International Grain and Feed Trade Association, aimed at development of the international grain and feed trade sector, improvement and standardization of contractual terms, methods of fixing weight and quality of goods, analysis, certification, market player interest defense and promotion of staff knowledge and competence. GAFTA provides transparent arbitration procedure.
Membership in GAFTA – it’s an additional advantage in relationships with our partners.